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The Kuck Imprization Partners was established to provide the most cost effective and highest-level service for lawyers with high reputation and experience in immigration laws. This is all. Do everything for customers, families, and the future.

Established in 2003


Kuck's very good immigration team | Baxter Imgration Partners provides detailed, accurate advice and legal representation of all aspects of immigration law. From decades of legal experience and our practice around our customers, all of the examples we're talking about will benefit.

Charles H. ("Chuck") Kuck is an administrative lawyer for Kuck Immigration Partners in Atlanta, GA.  Chuck served as the President of the American Association of Immigration Law Lawyers from 2008 to 2009.   He is also the president of Alliance of Business Imgryes Belgles, Adjunct Professor of Emory Law School.   He is a Chambers & He was selected as one of the world's fifth immigration lawyers. 2017, Mr. George & Amplifier was re-elected partner and most influential in 2011; #34;Selected one of 100. Georgia Trend Magazine   29 years have passed the Immigration Law, attended law and business conferences of all types of immigration, testifying before Congress on immigration law and immigration reform, quoting national newspapers, and regularly reporting TV cables.

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This review has expired for a long time. I can do it if I can put out ten stars. Mr. Cook is the best immigration officer I've ever met. He is honest, ethical, intelligent, interesting, careful. Cook and Rebecca did what other immigration lawyers could not do, and I took Cook from Los Angeles, which was the best decision I've ever made. He is the best immigrant lawyer on earth, not over-stated, but true. I thank Rebecca Rojas and Mr. Charles Cook. AAAA+++++++

12/31/2020 07:21pm



After a one-and-a-half hour drive on a promise and a break from work, I had to wait an hour and a half to see Mr. Cook, or pay in cash to change the schedule, so they had no change to the company, so they had to wait. They should have informed me of the exact change before the appointment. The company staff was rude. I do not recommend this office.

01/02/2021 02:11pm