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I specialize in DUI, traffic crime, criminal felony and petty crime.

Established in 2004


If you need professional counsel in the court, or if you'll benefit greatly from the legal advice of experts, you can go to the James E legal office. &Key Amplifier; Associates. Ensure that customer needs are met, all aspects of each case are considered, and that customer choices are carefully considered and considered. If you are concerned about car accidents, personal injuries, or pending criminal charges, use James E. &Key Amplifier; a convenient associate in Atlanta.

I am a long lawyer. I have been practicing since 1986 and have finished more than 100 cases of felony, petty crime and traffic trials. I can always get you the best deal, and this is impossible, and we have to make a trial. If I find out all the defense you have, prosecute, and fight the prosecutor until the last punch.

James K.
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Mr. Key is strongly recommended.  I'm a violation & I contacted him about. He was so honest with me that I spent a lot of time explaining my choice of violations.& He honestly & I took my situation into consideration. He taught me what I think is best for me.  He spent time helping me, & in the end, to be honest, the violation is serious & Not because he really didn't need me. It does not affect any point on the license  He has a lifetime client & strongly recommends him to anyone

01/02/2021 03:46am